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Gamified crowd-funding platform



Jaro is a gamified crowd-funding platform. It introduces a patented game mechanic with a unique split feature to raise money for worthy causes, producing one lucky knockout tournament winner.


Winston Churchill once said, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give”. With this in mind, and looking at the increasing disparity in the distribution of wealth combined with the decline of charitable giving in major global markets, the Vivant team set out to develop a solution that could collect one dollar from everyone in the world and provide a platform to redirect these funds to worthy causes and projects. We named this special interest project, Jaro.

Armed with our knowledge and experience in Design Thinking, Lean UX and Agile UX, the team identified problems within key personas critical to the success of the platform. Findings from the process led to prototyping, testing and continual iterations of the solution. This included feedback loops from research and governing jurisdictions which would ultimately license the gaming platform.

Critical success criteria included corporate governance, operation and fund assurance processes, player protection, anti-fraud and platform security.  Providing a transparent platform that could be trusted by participants and stakeholders such as the players, charities, partners and the licensing jurisdiction, was paramount.


The Jaro platform was leveraged in the UK to create the “The game for good.” The game for good was a social experiment to determine how much people would give to charity if they won. The solution included the Jaro numbers game, the split mechanic, knockout tournament format and two prize pools (player prize and charity pool).

Vivant was granted a gaming license to run peer to peer games by the Isle of Man Government. Fifteen of the largest UK charities across eight causes joined the movement and the community donated 54% of the money raised from tickets sold to charity. The British Red Cross, Amnesty International, Macmillan Cancer Research, NSPCC, Actionaid, Guide Dogs and Age UK were among the beneficiaries of the money raised.  



The Vivant team had successfully taken a big idea and made it a reality, while indoctrinating our own product development Agile UX methodology.

Vivant had successfully developed the IP for a new game and crowdfunding platform that could be used in online and offline channels to support multiple adaptations.

The platform game mechanic and scoring methodology has been successfully patented in the US and Australia with several other patents pending in the US, Australia, and India.

Jaro successfully introduced cost efficient innovation to charities seeking new ways to engage their fundraising community.

The Jaro IP is held internally and available for use in both a gaming context or play for free model that does not require a gaming license. 

"The Vivant team are at the forefront of digital innovation"

Mark Astarita, Director of Fundraising, Red Cross

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